In the past, I was more of a musician with dreams than a video creator. In fact, I started playing with the idea of videos only a few years ago. I was in a band and when its future became uncertain, I decided to try using videos to share my love for music. It was a simple start - utilizing the MacBook's built-in camera and microphone to create the most amateur videos of me playing covers and originals on my acoustic guitar. But I got so into it, it became a 365 (one song/video a day) project from January 1 to December 31.

Over this span, I grew as a musician and learned the process of creating simple videos. However, I wanted to expand on the videos. One thing I learned from that year was that I wanted to collaborate more because it would be a way to bring some talented people into the picture. As I got more musicians involved, I grew a liking in putting people in the limelight. I also soon realized that there are simply great musicians who deserve a bigger audience, but lack the material to attract that potential audience.

That was when I decided to take a step back and move from in front of the camera to behind it. I enjoy working with musicians and filming/recording them in unusual settings. It really opens up a new perspective for their music and themselves. Through Chiu Productions' videos, people can see the true artistry of these gifted humans.