Photo courtesy of  Atelier Photographique Cannes


Chiu Productions is an idea stemmed from the music-based video work I experimented with through the recent years. I want to help give musicians content that they are proud of and allows viewers to see a different side of them - video spotlights that are raw, intimate, and real.

In the modern world, content - especially videos - is so important in helping musicians gain visibility. Great musicians are dedicated in honing their craft and sometimes that doesn't leave much room to present what they worked so hard on. Even if they do make time for this, they are mostly limited in what they can churn out the DIY way. An alternate path is to look for outside help to produce online content. Music videos are invaluable for artists, but can be an expensive endeavor. With Chiu Productions, I hope to provide unique content that is both attainable and impactful.

Ultimately, this will be an ever-growing collection of visual pieces that displays the true musical artistry of the many gifted human beings in this world. Happy viewing.

-Oliver Chiu